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Personal Assistant/Management

$50.00 · 4 hours

Up to 4 hours of personal assistance and management task duties…

It was such a tragedy, wasn’t it? Something so unexpected. Something so unplanned. Something that impacted the entire globe. The entire earth. Almost everyone has been impacted negatively by this tragedy. But we didn’t give up. We were challenged. But most of us are still here. And we are still pushing through.

Our heart goes out to everyone that has suffered a tragic loss. We understand that some things cannot be replaced. But we must change our outlook. Change our perspectives. Nothing stays horrible forever.

Even us, Nature’s Uprise, needed to take a step back. Make sure that we and…

Scholarships… Man, I remember those times. School is really expensive, well college is very expensive. Even with online schooling, I was charged about $2000 to $5000 each semester. I qualified for FAFSA so most of the expenses were paid. Unfortunately, I had to take out a loan to cover the rest of the fees. The sad part was that I was working 3 jobs for income while attending school. As soon as the universities started offering online courses, I jumped on it right away. It didn’t lower the tuition at all but made schooling more flexible for me. I was…

Jamal Muwwakkil

Author and owner of Nature's Uprise

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